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There are many reasons why you may be interested in a buying a lovely villa in javea - but in our experience most people come to the town for the all-year-round idyllic weather, the relaxed lifestyle, and the fact that money will go further than in the UK; giving those on a limited income such as a pension a better standard of living.

Javea enjoys a privileged location because of its close proximity to both Alicante and Valencia airports, which receive many flights daily from most UK local airports.

Buyers are also attracted to the area because of the wonderful climate which according to the World Health Organisation, is one of the healthiest on the planet. Javea also boasts long sandy Mediterranean beaches, along with some secluded coves for those who prefer privacy away from the summer crowds.

While Spain may not be as cheap as it was in the pre-euro days, you will still find your money goes a lot further than in the UK – due to low heating costs, cheap restaurant and bar prices, and much cheaper public transport and fuel costs.

Why Buy A Villa In Javea?

The Costa Blanca has many attractions that lure thousands of tourists to the region every summer. Among them, world class golf courses designed by some of the top golfing champions such as Seve Ballesteros. Other outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in the area include water skiing, scuba diving and numerous opportunities for cyclists and hikers to enjoy scenic coastal and mountainous routes.

If you are thinking about moving from the UK to Spain or you’re coming to the Costa Blanca from another part of the country to take advantage of the fabulous lifestyle, we are sure to have a Javea villa that will suit you, due to the hundreds that are currently available in the town at great prices. Our portfolio of villas consists of a wide range of building styles, from private detached villas located on large individual plots with their own swimming pools, to smaller townhouses in the centre of Javea old town.

We can also show you repossessed and distressed villas in Javea that are being sold at extremely low prices. Now is an excellent time to buy in Spain because the property market is slowly picking up in 2017, which means that although prices are still low they are likely to rise in the very near future - giving you a healthy return on your investment.

So take a look at the Javea villas on the site, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help!

Prime Real Estate In Spain

Depending on where you are in the course of your life, your situation dictates what area will be a suitable place for you to live in Spain. If you are a retiree or if you are just looking for a holiday property, you will not need to concern yourself about some of the matters that concern younger buyers who still need to earn a solid income. If you have the ability to perform your job online, you also may not need to consider working conditions in the area where you purchase the property either. However, you should make sure to choose an area that has broadband internet access available, so a rural area may not be suitable for you.

Barcelona and Valencia are ideal locations to find work for those who have immigrated from other parts of Europe to Spain. However, in smaller towns, you might be limited where work options are concerned, because seasonal work is often the only availability. Premium investment areas tend to be the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca due to the number of tourists that frequent these regions, yearly. These areas of Spain allow for optimal property rentals if this is your goal.

Purchasing Spanish Property In 2017 - What You Need To Know

2017 is an optimal period to purchase Spanish property as an investment. After the Spanish property market crashed in 2009, investors became quite careful regarding property acquisitions. Even though property costs dropped quite a bit, the market remained at a standstill. Those who bought properties to improve upon and resell to make a profit, found themselves having a hard time selling these investment properties.

However, the property market in Spain is beginning to improve with regularity. Considering Spanish property prices at the bargain prices at which you can currently secure them, it is a very smart time to buy low and then in a few years and with a few simple improvements, you can sell the property at a higher rate and make a nice profit.

What Reassurance Is There When Buying A Spanish Property

You may have heard some worst case scenario tales surrounding Spanish property sales going terribly wrong where the buyer is concerned, but keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of sales do not have any horror stories attached to them. United Kingdom buyers successfully perform Spanish property transactions with regularity and experience no negative issues.

Just like when you purchase property anywhere in the world, be smart about choosing a real estate agent with a good reputation and be sure to employ the assistance of a seasoned, quality solicitor who has a good handle on foreign real estate transactions. If you are having anxiety about choosing a reputable real estate agent, a wise idea is to ask the locals or expats in Spain if they can suggest a quality real estate agent.

Is It Complicated To Purchase Spanish Property?

It has become increasingly less difficult to purchase property in Spain. United Kingdom residents often find themselves waiting for months before they can sign a property deed and move into the location when buying in the UK. Generally, in Spain, properties are posted for sale when their owners have vacated the premises. This lends to sales being completed rapidly.

Though paperwork is a given, also know that it will be necessary to acquire a local Spanish bank account and you must apply for a residency permit. A savvy real estate agent can guide you through this process or if you are not local or even in Spain to do this, they may even be able to do this for you.

Who Is Eligible To Purchase Spanish Property?

The Spanish government approved the Golden Visa law in 2013. This law lets non-EU investors buy Spanish property and lets them attain a residency permit that lets them stay in Spain for as long as necessary. Residency is automatically granted to European Union nationals.

Can I Rent Out My Holiday Home, I Purchased A Property In Spain?

If you buy a property exclusively intended as a holiday home, not only can you rent it out, but it is a smart and lucrative notion. You can earn extra money renting out your property when you are not using it provided you appropriately register the property with your local town hall in Spain and pay taxes on your rental income.

There are two important things to remember when you opts to rent out your holiday property in Spain when you will not be available to manage it.

1. You should hire someone to clean the property thoroughly before showing it to prospective tenants so it will be clean when they occupy it and to make it a more desirable place to rent.

2. You will need to employ an agency or an individual who will manage the property for you and will give your tenants keys and who will be on call should problems surface with the property.

Even though you will have to spend a little money, during high demand holiday seasons when you are not occupying your Spanish residence you can charge premium rental rates and will be sure to experience a significant profit after expenses have been rendered.

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